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Check out our latest publications on speeding up early formulation development based on spray drying:

  1. Klimša V., Mašková L., Ruphuy G., Kašpar O., Štěpánek F., “Rapid screening of ternary amorphous formulations by a spray drying robot”, Int. J. Pharm. 651, 123739 (2024).
  2. Klimša V., Ruphuy G., Jonáš J., Mašková L., Kašpar O., Žvátora P., Štěpánek F., “Spray drying robot for high-throughput combinatorial fabrication of multicomponent solid dispersions”, Powder Technol. 428, 118872 (2023).


Ternary system project

In our internal R&D project, we're working on a ternary system. We aim to identify the best polymer candidate and evaluate different API/API/polymer compositions. Stay tuned for results.

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Batch versus semi-continuous Spray Drying

Our technology allows us to spray dry in semi-continuous mode. We've estimated that we can produce a large number of samples about 10 times faster than with traditional batch spray dryers. If we would consider a theoretical case of spray drying 20 samples (500 mg/sample), under standard conditions (inlet feed flowrate: 5 ml/min; solid concentration: 50 mg/ml; assuming yield: 80%), it would take about 29 hours with a batch spray dryer whereas with our technology, we can produce the 20 samples in 3.2 hours.


Great potential of beta-glucan particles as novel drug carriers

A great scientific article has been recently published showing the potential of beta-glucan particles as novel drug carriers as they significantly improved oral bioavailability in-vivo. The authors showed the overall oral bioavailability of poorly soluble nilotinib in a rat model was almost doubled when formulated in glucan particles compared to the formulation of reference. Bioavailability enhancement was attributed to API amorphization and subsequent absorption to plasma.

Check out the article: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ijpharm.2023.122627


Networking at the DDF summit 2022

Lots of learning, feedback and networking at the DDF summit in Berlin 2022, glad to have participated!

We joined UCT Prague in Chemspec 2022

Thanks to the Ministry of Trade of the Czech Republic and UCT Prague for supporting our participation in Chemspec 2022.
We made very valuable contacts in the event!

2021 Jumpstarter finalists!

We are happy to announced that we made it to the Grand Final of the EIT Jumpstarter Program! Thanks to EIT Health for the support.