Poor solubility of drugs, and their associated low dissolution rate in the aqueous gastrointestinal fluids, is one of the most frequent causes of low bioavailability of oral dosage forms, which comprise the most commonly employed and convenient route of administration.

We improve therapeutic effects by improving drug solubility with our technologies.

High-throughput screening

Drug amorphization with combination with multiple excipients is well-known and popular solution to poor drug solubility. One of the most frequently used techniques to achieve this is Spray Drying.

Common formulation strategies require vast polymer, composition, and parameter screenings. This process can be very time consuming with currently available spray drying set ups.

With our high-throughput production technology, we can provide spray drying formulation services up to 10 times faster than our competition.

Novel drug carriers

Our on-going research is focused on the use of novel drug carriers for improving the therapeutic effects of compounds with poor oral bioavailability

Currently, we’re studying multifunctional carriers obtained from natural sources, that improve the dissolution properties of the active compounds and, at the same time, provide alternative routes of delivery (e.g. via lymphatic route).



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